Thoughts on Sunflowers & Roses

I love roses and I love sunflowers.
Roses smell nice and are pretty.
However sunflowers never fail to make me happy.
Sunflowers brighten my day.

I am rose.
I am sunflower.
No,I am mixture of flowers that make up the bouquet that is me.
I am a garden.
The secret garden.
Rarely do people get to see all the flowers I am made of.

I am beautiful even when I doubt myself
But I don’t fool myself into forgetting that I have thorns.
I am beautiful but I can prickly.
I am beautiful but I can hurt…
Even if it’s unintentionally.

Everybody wants to be a rose.
Beautiful and pretty.
Because usually everyone is drawn to a rose before any other flower.
Take note when I say usually because the truth is the first flower I am drawn to is a sunflower.

A sunflower represents happiness.
A sunflower brightens up my garden and my day.
A sunflower thrives under the sun.
However a sunflower is also not afraid to lean on another.
When the sun doesn’t shine,sunflowers will turn to each other.

A sunflower is a metaphor.
You can be happiness and brighten others days
However you can depend on others to brighten up your day as well.
Nothing shines the whole year through.

Sometimes you will continue looking at the spot where sunflowers once bloomed and wonder when they will start blooming again.
That,I believe,is a metaphor for looking for happiness in the same spot.
But one day something catches your eye around the corner of the sunflowers old spot and you go look.
You’ll find a whole new sunflower plant has grown under your nose while you were looking in the old spot.
That is to say,sometimes happiness isn’t always to be found in the same spot.

Roses are nice and admirable.
However don’t just be pretty and prickly.
Rather try being a sunflower.
Be positive and brighten someone else’s day.

You are a garden.
Don’t try and be only the flower people are first drawn to.
You are unique.
Thus don’t just show one flower of the millions of flowers that you are made of.


Reading: Do you like reading?

😁Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing good. I wish I could be more active but work is keeping me busy.

Today I simply got a question for you: Do you like reading? Why or why not?

If you were in high school and somebody was trying to promote reading or help you get reading,how could they? What would have interested you in reading?

👣🌻I am starting a reading programme at the school I am working at and it got me curious. 😁My programme officially starts this week and I can’t wait to tell you how it goes.

Also got a few books reviews coming up in the next few weeks for you to look out for. 😉The Invisible Life of Addie La Rue is definitely worth the read.

😁I might have my own poetry book out in the next year❤.

👀Do you love Dandelions,Roses,Sunflowers and Rain? Because I got some interesting thoughts on those things coming soon.

👣❤Love Poem Girl Sam❤👣


😁Hey everyone! Hope you are all doing well ❤. This week’s been hectic. Work started up again and I am busy everywhere. I work as an Educational Assistant and will start a reading programme as well this month. My contract is until March when the first term ends but they might extend some of our contracts♡.

If you have been around on my blog for a long time now,you’ll know I want to study to teach. I get accepted into universities easily but struggle with the finances. 😊However I was able to apply for a good bursary that I couldn’t previously,this year. Hopefully by the end of the month I will get good news of acceptance for the bursary. 😁Still got a backup plan though if I don’t. I can save up enough money this year with the job I have now to pay on my own next year.

😇I am also excited about something else. I stepped out of my comfort zone and auditioned for a favourite Afrikaans music game show of mine. 👀Between us,it’s actually the only thing I really watch on TV. I will know by the end of the month if I made it. 😊If I am accepted to play the game show,I will tell you more about that.

🌻Two things to smile about this week🌻

  • Sometimes you help others more than you realise by doing small things.
  • It’s really appreciated if you’re nice. A simple greeting goes a long way.

School started up again this week,right? So Tuesday I was helping at our school clothes shop and I talked a bit with everyone in line as we helped them. New parents at the school liked asking about the school and I loved talking with the Grade 8’s to ease them into the new school. They calmed down a lot by simply hearing a few things of how the school works.

I was also asking the matrics if they’re excited for the year or nervous and just talked to them a bit about the year. There was a matric though that told me she liked me very much and I asked her why. The answer really made my day. She said last year with their last exams of the year, in November,she was writing bussiness studies the one day and I helped calm her down. So in the class I was helping with invigilation for the day,while they were still studying the morning I saw she was stressed. I talked to her quietly because I saw she learned hard and knew her work and I told her to take a deep breath and relax. She said that it actually did calm her down and it’s thanks to that,that she got a distinction for businesses studies. She asked if she could hug me as well. 😊So sometimes by doing something as small as calming someone down you actually help them more than you realise.

You know what I have noticed working at a school? Everyone appreciates a greeting even if they seem like they don’t. The entire day everyone is busy and all over the place and hearing a friendly greeting from somebody passing them actually makes their day just a little bit better. Why? Because people appreciate friendliness especially when they’re stressed and tired.

🌟So let’s all try to be a bit nicer from now on. Every week think of one small thing you did that could’ve made a big impact and write that down on a piece of paper along with something good that happened in the week. Put the papers in a jar and at the year look at how much of a difference you have made through small acts by looking at those papers then.🌟

🌻😁Smiles go miles😁🌻.


😊As you can see I am keeping busy. How are you all? What’s been happening in your life that’s good? What are you doing to make others smile? Thank you for following my blog and listening to my ramblings❤😇. I really appreciate you all.

I will have a Afrikaans book review of Sweepslag deur Annerle Barnard up tommorow that I have been meaning to post for a while now. Something to look forward to if you are interested in that😊.

👣❤Love Poem Girl Sam aka M.S.Wepener❤👣

New Year,New Photos

😊👀Wow. It’s been a while since I posted some new photo’s. The nature is blooming all around us now though and it’s beautiful. I am getting so many new photos now.

Let me know which photo you like the most. Any suggestions for photo’s I should try?

All photo’s taken by: M.S.Wepener (Me)

Happy New Year🎉!

🌻👣Thank you for a great year. I hope to interact more this new year. I’m excited to share more and get to learn more about all of you.

👣You leave deep imprints where you tread and I am happy that those imprints are filled with love👣.

Happy new year 🎉! May this be a good and blessed year for you all.

Love Poem Girl Sam 👣🌻.

Thank you 🌻🌟.

I am so happy 😊! Thank you for all your support. I started this blog last year and I really didn’t think it would get so much views in a year’s time.

However you all suprised me😁! I reached 1000 all time views today. Even though it’s not from regular interactions,I still want to thank you.

❤I am almost on 150 followers and that’s a milestone for me considering this blog is for fun.

👣Thank you to everyone who views,follows,likes and comments. I appreciate all of you.

👣🌻Love Poem Girl Sam👣🌻

Book Review of All This Time

Hey everyone 😁! I hope you are all doing good. I got myself some books for Christmas and I will be posting reviews as I finish them.

Book 1:All This Time

This book has two authors and they write the greatest stories together. Mikki Daughtry and Rachael Lippincott have a way of weaving a very unique story that keeps you reading.

I actually bought this book by chance and not because I heard about it and I am so happy I chose to read it first.

I couldn’t put this story down! It was so captivating and kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next.

The plot twists are great and they get you even more invested in the story. I couldn’t help but fall in love with the story and the characters.

I know some people find it cliché and felt it took a while to get into the story but I found it very well written.

A well written story doesn’t have to be perfect. To be honest if a book is perfect,then the story loses some of its magic.

I give this book a full 5 stars🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟. It’s well written,it kept me reading and made me fall in love with the story.

If you have read this book before,I would love to know what you thought of it😊.

I honestly recommend this book to anyone but I think teenagers and people going through losses would enjoy it the most.

My favorite quote from the book:

Always forward. Never back.

All This Time

Definitely consider giving it a read. The next review will be on one of the Afrikaans books I brought. I hope you look forward to that 😊.

👣🌻Love Poem Girl Sam👣🌻

My favourite songs in 2021

Graphic made on Canva🔥.

😁I love music. I am always interested in listening to different songs. Usually at the end of the year I listen to the Top 100 Songs and Channels. It’s really fun 😁!

This year I decided I wanted to share my favorite songs of the year ❤. It’s not all new songs though.

English Favorites:

  • Dandelions by Ruth B.
  • Panic Room by Au/Ra.
  • Happiest Year by James Young.
  • Doubt by Twenty One Pilots.
  • You should see me in a crown by Billie Eilish.
  • Don’t you hold me down by Alan Walker and Georgia Ku.
  • House of Memories by Panic! At The Disco.
  • The Wellerman Shanty.
  • Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey.
  • Runaway by AURORA.
  • Achilles Come Down by Gang Of Youths.
  • Death bed (coffee for your head) by Powfu and beabadoobee.
  • Heat Waves by Glass Animals.
  • Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood.
  • Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift.
  • No Roots by Alice Merton.
  • Easy on Me by Adele.
  • Bang by AJR.
  • River by Bishop.
  • Shotgun by George Ezra.
  • Believer by Imagine Dragons.
  • Enemy by Imagine Dragons.
  • Team by Lorde.
  • Favorite Crime by Olivia Rodrigo.
  • Enchanted by Taylor Swift.
  • Bad Child by Tones and I.
  • Daisies by Katy Perry.
  • Lay Me Down by Sam Smith.

Afrikaanse Gunsteling Liedjies

  • Rugsak deur Elandré.
  • Waar die wind my waai deur Elandré.
  • Dag en Nag deur Elandré.
  • Pleidooi deur Bouwer Bosch.
  • Toe Vind Ek Jou deur Karen Zoid en Francois van Coke.
  • Die wêreld binne my deur Joshua na die Reën.
  • Vir Altyd deur Joshua na die Reën.
  • Rig Jou Oë Na Die Berge deur Jo Black en Refentse.
  • O Kind deur Bernice West.
  • Kyk Na My Hart deur Rooksein.
  • Hardloop deur Bouwer Bosch en Janie Bay.

😊Any of you like some of these songs as well? If so which songs and why? 😁I believe you can learn a lot about a person based on what they like.

❤🌻Love Poem Girl Sam👣.

Afrikaanse Gedig: ‘n Ode aan Natuur

Geluk kom.
Suurstof van die boom,
Jy is my lewensatoom.

Natuur is die rede hoekom ek lewe.
Die rede hoekom ek ophou bewe.
Geen vrees,
Want aan my kant is natuur se gees.

Lewe is ‘n fees.
Ek kan mens wees,
Te danke aan natuur.
My liefde is infinitief vir natuur.


Scheduled Posts: What to expect 🌻.

😁Hey! So here’s what you can expect from the scheduled posts:

  • When? I am going to try posting as regularly as possible but as life gets busy I will post once a week at least👣❤.
  • What?
    • Updates
    • Book Reviews and Recommendations
    • Doodles
    • New Photos
    • Poems
    • Stories
    • Random Thoughts

😁I am also trying to add graphics to all my new blog posts. I make these graphics myself on Canva and PicsArt 🔥. Go give those apps a look if you want to create some of your own graphics.

🌲I hope you all are keeping safe and enjoying the festive season. Hi to the new followers 👋😁! Enjoy your time around on my blog.

Love Poem Girl Sam👣🌻