Grow through your storms 🌼🌻☁🌊.

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😊Hello to everyone! I am back ❤. If you are still here,thank you for being patient 🌻. If you are new to my blog, welcome 💖. I hope you enjoy it here 😁.

1. We all know that flowers need water to grow,don’t we? Of course sometimes that water is water that comes from rain and storms. Meaning sometimes the growth of a flower or even a entire garden depends on a storm.

2. We in some ways are very similar to flowers. We start as a thought,a seedling and we grow as we receive the nutrients we need. Why am I mentioning this? Because I think we should start looking at life that way. View life’s challenges as the storms that are sometimes needed to help you grow.

3. Face your storms with your head held high. These challenges exist for a reason. Life’s storms are what’s helping you create a beautiful and wonderful garden.

4. “Grow through what you go through.”

5. These storms exist to help you prosper.

🌻🌼Love Poem Girl, Sam🌼🌻

🎵🎤My song of the day- Ribs by Lorde. I think it’s very nostalgic and that it has a good message. Some friends are there forever and they can feel like they are the only friends you need.

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Don’t say you aren’t meant for this life. You are here for a reason.

Run,run so that you can go rest,

Peace is found in the forest.


Pain is a sign that you are healing. Slowly but surely you are getting better.

Grief is a process and we are all still learning to understand. There’s a beginning: Something happens to start it all off. There’s a middle: You start working on handling it properly. Then there’s a part where you think everything is going well and something unexpectedly happens and you realise it isn’t all smooth sailing yet. Then there’s the end. Or is it really…?

It’s all over. The initial process is finished. However it doesn’t really ever stop. Some times you think and reflect. You go back to the process to see what you have accomplished. While you reflect,you also feel those emotions again. The sadness,the frustration and the acceptance. However you start to realise it’s fainter. It’s still always in the background but it’s not unbearable or taking up all your energy.

Those faint feelings in the background? They are proof that you went through something and that you started healing. It’s always going to be there like a scar to serve as a reminder.

Some things and people take up such a big place in your heart,that when it’s gone it feels as if all those atoms have died. It feels as if there’s a big void that can’t be filled or replaced by other atoms. Thus you feel like you’ve lost a piece of yourself. How are you supposed to keep living,when a part of your heart isn’t working,after all? Everything takes time.

Healing takes time. A lot of time. Healing never really stops completely though. People don’t just forget after all.

What if you feel numb to the pain?

It’s because it is too painful for you to process and thus it’s easier to go numb. Your body and mind wants to help you. It’s always doing it’s best to protect you. Which means you feel numb because you feel too much.

Very slowly with time,you start to feel a little less numb. You’ve been in stagnation for so long though that you don’t really realise you are starting to feel more again. As you slowly process things you slowly heal.

However sometimes people stay numb because their minds want to protect them from ever feeling so much pain again.

You and your mind know best what you need to heal.

Griefing is a process and healing takes time. You might think that you don’t heal with time but I think you’re always slowly healing. You continue healing until there’s no more time,until time runs out. Give it time,you are healing.


❤🌻Love Poem Girl Sam🌻❤.

If you must choose,choose living life to its fullest.

Life is the ripple of water,

The first breath,

The laughter of those without fear of the future.

Life is the small precious things and what we do to protect it.”


Some people leave such a big impact on those around them without even trying or realising. Nobody’s meant to be completely alone all the time.

The real beauty is in breathing,each second is precious.

You matter. You dying would break someone’s heart. I know my heart shatteres thinking of not only those I know but also those I have yet to meet dying without fully living.

The possibilities that some of those people could’ve lived to become friends of mine but couldn’t because something or someone made them feel life was not worth living. It really breaks my heart.

I know life can be scary and the future seems uncertain at times. However I believe there are moments,people and things that will make those fears seems silly. Moments and people that make it worth it.

Life can be downright terrifying and we have no absolute guarantee that everything will work out. It’s terrifying because life matters. You wouldn’t fear something without reason. You wouldn’t fear something if it didn’t matter after all.

Life is beautiful. Don’t be so terrified that you miss out on its beauty. Take a deep breath and start again.


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Thank you for all your support. My blog has been growing slowly but surely.

This is a nice hobby to have. I know I have been quiet and for that I apologise. A lot has been going on and work especially has been keeping me busy. Scheduling also didn’t work out due to issues but I am going to try again.

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Slaap sag/Sleep softly-Gedig/Poem

Slaap sag.
Môre is 'n nuwe dag.
Môre is jý mag.
Môre het jy nuwe krag.
Geluk wag.
Jy sal weer lag.
Slaap sag,
Drome wag.

English Version:

Sleep softly.
Tomorrow is a new day.
Tomorrow you are might.
Tomorrow you"ll have new strength.
Happiness waits.
You shall laugh again.
Sleep softly,
Dreams are waiting.

Oorlogsdrom(Afrikaanse Poem)

Weet vrede sal weer kom.
Vrede sal heers weer.
Droomboom,genees die seer.

Julle laat agter sonneblomme.
Sonneblomme is die geluksbome.
Hulle los vir die mense sagte drome.

Hoop sal altyd blom.
Sit neer jou bom.
Oorlogsdrom,vrede kom.

Onder die boom,
Is die plek waar skuiling droom.
Als is atome.
Red die atoom drome.


Lewensberg (Afrikaanse Gedig)

Lewe is ‘n berg.
Ek is net ‘n dwerg.
Soms is als te erg.

Gee my die krag om te veg.
Vat my vrese weg.
Vergeet van die sleg.

Lewe is ‘n berg.
Met my drome sal ek ‘n pad vleg.
Ek sál veg.

Ek is dag en nag.
Ek’s nié net sag,
ék is ook krag.

Ek is ‘n dwerg,
Maar ek klim mý berg.
Ek wen dié geveg.


Weather Thoughts

😁I love nature. There’s especially something special about misty,foggy days though. They’re so calming. As if you realise nature is calm and thus you can calm down as well.

It refreshes and energises you while also letting you be peaceful. When work is crazy or it’s busy at home sometimes a foggy day is the perfect mood booster.

What’s your favourite kind of weather and why?

👣❤Love Poem Girl Sam👣 ❤.

Thoughts on Sunflowers & Roses

I love roses and I love sunflowers.
Roses smell nice and are pretty.
However sunflowers never fail to make me happy.
Sunflowers brighten my day.

I am rose.
I am sunflower.
No,I am mixture of flowers that make up the bouquet that is me.
I am a garden.
The secret garden.
Rarely do people get to see all the flowers I am made of.

I am beautiful even when I doubt myself
But I don’t fool myself into forgetting that I have thorns.
I am beautiful but I can prickly.
I am beautiful but I can hurt…
Even if it’s unintentionally.

Everybody wants to be a rose.
Beautiful and pretty.
Because usually everyone is drawn to a rose before any other flower.
Take note when I say usually because the truth is the first flower I am drawn to is a sunflower.

A sunflower represents happiness.
A sunflower brightens up my garden and my day.
A sunflower thrives under the sun.
However a sunflower is also not afraid to lean on another.
When the sun doesn’t shine,sunflowers will turn to each other.

A sunflower is a metaphor.
You can be happiness and brighten others days
However you can depend on others to brighten up your day as well.
Nothing shines the whole year through.

Sometimes you will continue looking at the spot where sunflowers once bloomed and wonder when they will start blooming again.
That,I believe,is a metaphor for looking for happiness in the same spot.
But one day something catches your eye around the corner of the sunflowers old spot and you go look.
You’ll find a whole new sunflower plant has grown under your nose while you were looking in the old spot.
That is to say,sometimes happiness isn’t always to be found in the same spot.

Roses are nice and admirable.
However don’t just be pretty and prickly.
Rather try being a sunflower.
Be positive and brighten someone else’s day.

You are a garden.
Don’t try and be only the flower people are first drawn to.
You are unique.
Thus don’t just show one flower of the millions of flowers that you are made of.


Reading: Do you like reading?

😁Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing good. I wish I could be more active but work is keeping me busy.

Today I simply got a question for you: Do you like reading? Why or why not?

If you were in high school and somebody was trying to promote reading or help you get reading,how could they? What would have interested you in reading?

👣🌻I am starting a reading programme at the school I am working at and it got me curious. 😁My programme officially starts this week and I can’t wait to tell you how it goes.

Also got a few books reviews coming up in the next few weeks for you to look out for. 😉The Invisible Life of Addie La Rue is definitely worth the read.

😁I might have my own poetry book out in the next year❤.

👀Do you love Dandelions,Roses,Sunflowers and Rain? Because I got some interesting thoughts on those things coming soon.

👣❤Love Poem Girl Sam❤👣