Short Story🌷

😁Short story inspired by two pictures I saw on Pinterest which I attached below just before the story.

🌹Once long ago the rose existed without thorns. It was magnificent and most people were in awe. Some would walk by the rose clenching their fists however for not everyone appreciated the perfection. They did not care about the rose but left it alone.

However one day a witch came hearing whispers of a perfect flower. Her name was Rue. She stared at the rose biting her lips and clenching her hands.
“Such beauty should not exist without danger. I hereby curse you to turn into a different human after every full moon. Only one days with full moons will you return to your original state. Untill you learn that perfection does not exist the curse shall not lift”,Rue said before dissappearing in a flash of light.

🌹And so the rose turned into different human beings after each full moon was over. Every time she learned something new that was heartbreaking but she did not change. Now after the latest full moon passed she has turned into a high school girl.

“I hate her”.
“Did you hear about her? I hear she stole Dana’s phone”.
These were only a few of the things she heard being whispered about her as she walked to class. Her eyes glistened but the tears didn’t fall. That night as she looked at all the rude comments on social media she learned the lesson the witch wanted her to learn. Beauty can not exist without pain and perfection would only breed jealousy and hatred.

That night she turned back into a rose but something was new. The rose now had sharp thorns to protect itself. With the lesson learned she was once again just a beautiful rose but now she was dangerous.Never to turn into another human being again she made a wish.

She wished that the Witch would help young humans that were being bullied. So they would transform into roses on full moon nights to learn that beauty exists even when it doesn’t feel like it. That true beauty is in being uniquely yourself. The ones that couldn’t be saved in time? They became new unique roses after death waiting to help someone.

🌹And that’s why roses have thorns.


An update 🌻

Beautiful sunflower opening in our backyard.

Hi guys and girls🌻. Sorry I have been so quiet lately but as we all know life happens.

So I have been quiet recently and I am betting you are wondering why. To answer that question I am going to need to update you a bit.

If you were around on my blog last year you would know that I have been struggling to get a bursary which I completely qualify for to study. We don’t have the finances to afford it but I really want to study at an University and get my own degree.

Things have been looking up since then. Once again if you were around last year you will remember I got financial aid to study IT online in the meantime. I am happy😁 to tell you I got 98% for my IT Technical Support Fundamentals Course ❤ on the 31st December of last year.

So that’s amazing 😊 but currently I can’t continue with the next course till I get approval for Financial Aid again.

However that hasn’t stopped me. I saw a great job opportunity in November that our Department of Education would start in December. It’s an initiative to help young unemployed adults between 18-35 years old interested in an Educational Career to get some experience. So I got everything ready and gave in my application. Got called back for an interview and got accepted 😊.

I started working as an Educational Assistant on 1 December last year and have a contract until the 31st March this year☺. This means I have been getting some great experience and I am able to save up a bit now.

I would have updated you all sooner but I have been busy and barely had energy for long blog posts.

❤👏Also a big thank you we now have 71 followers already. 😁You guys are amazing! Thank you for all the support.

I have been quiet these last two weeks because I had an ear infection(😅still went to work though) and then this lovely week decided to start off with a stomach bug. But I am feeling loads better now😊.

I hope to post as I get the time so be on the lookout for new Poem Girl Posts😁.

❤Loads of Hugs and Support. -Sammy

Old Poem/Thought- Faceless

In a world full of faces,
Faces all wearings masks
I am faceless
And I prefer it that way.

For though I am faceless
I am not colourless.
I am a blank canvas
Being painted second by second.

Though I sometimes struggle to express myself
I have not hardened myself
And built masks to hide myself behind

I am faceless
Because I choose to be a anomaly
Rather than simply be another mask
In this cruel world.

And maybe you’re wondering
Why faceless
And not just unmasked?
Well it’s because my face is still being formed
Like a canvas

And no not my real face
Just like people don’t wear real masks
I am talking about the face of my soul
What makes up who I am as a person

I am faceless
Because I am still forming my face
Through the good and the bad
There’s bound to be a few cracks
And no I won’t hide them
Rather I will fill them with the wisdom found
Make it become the colour in a once bland spot
For I am unique
And I do not dare try and pretend

So cracks is what you get
Because they represent the stories
And memories of what I’ve been through
Maybe there’s even a few blemishes
For those times I made friends and lost them
Maybe a few stress lines got added along the way
Because I have been through hell and returned stronger
Maybe there’s bound to be a few burns for I have walked through fire
For what I believed in
Maybe there’s a few tear stains
For how would I have ever found happiness if I didn’t know a difference?
Maybe there’s a little make-up of variety
For those that brought beauty to my life
And smear marks of those that thought that they could build me up in their own image
Maybe there’s a tattoo
To show all the adventures I have been through
Maybe there’s a crown on top of the head of this face
For how could you survive
And not deserve a crown?
It never slips
For I am confident in the woman I am becoming.

The crown changes just as I change
But the crown never wavers for it has found me worthy.
To stand tall
And always stay sweet
To never waver in doing what is right.

You know what?
Maybe I am faceless
But my face is constantly being formed
And a mask has never touched my face
Nor will it ever

For even if my face looks weird to others
I will not care because I will not pretend
I will show of all these scars and blemishes and stress lines and cracks with pride
Because it has formed me into who I am today
For it is who I am!

Because faceless
Still being formed
Is better than wearing masks
And being fake
In a world where everybody would rather pretend.

By: M.S.W 🌻

Sunflower 🌻 finally completely open.-M.S.W

Sunflower photos 😁🌻

I am so excited obviously because one of our blooming sunflowers finally opened! So I officially have original sunflower photos😊

Sunny day after a week of rain so it’s perfect that the sunflower is open. Kind of like representing that it was a sunny day. -M.S.W
A close up of course 🌻😉. -M.S.W
Different angle. -M.S.W

😁Do you love sunflowers too?

Poem- Magic in the Sky

Found on Pinterest

There’s thousands of little fireflies in the sky.
They light up my way
They make my day
A road they lay

Sometimes I lose my way
Then I see a magical ray
That guides me back
They never find me lacking
They never send me packing

There’s a thousand fireflies in the sky
I am not always sure I know the way
I want to go
But they do

There’s a thousand little fireflies in the sky
They light the way
They’re a light beam
They allow me to dream

There’s a thousand little fireflies in the sky
They light the way
In magic I believe
They never make me leave
They make me feel alive
At night I come to life

For there’s magic in the night sky
And I don’t need to know why
The fireflies,they  keep evil at bay
And they show me the way

For there’s magic in the sky
And we don’t need to know why


😊New photos😁

“Jakob Regop Blom” which a worm has started chewing on before we caught it. -M.S.W
Purple “Jakob Regop Blom”-M.S.W
Light purple “Jakob Regop Blom(Flower)”-M.S.W
More purple “Jakob Regop” Flowers. -M.S.W
Pink “Jakob Regop” Flower still in an early blooming stage. -M.S.W

😁Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing well and that you enjoyed the newest photos.

More old thoughts on Writing

❤ Writers Voice ❤

Thoughts run deep
These words I wish to keep
Words are more than skin deep
Words cover me like a blanket on a bed.

A Writer is complex
Words are our reflex
A writer writes and writes
About their passion
About something they feel strongly for.

A Writer’s voice runs deep
Deeper than a tree’s roots
Words are the garden we plant
It’s our beauties
It’s our pride

However just like nature’s voice goes lost
We can become mute-it’s called writers block
It’s like…like…you want to write but nothing is happening
It’s like our voice becoming lost
We feel mute
Because we want to write so badly
But absolutely nothing is happening!
It’s like nobody is hearing what we want to say
Expect we are that nobody-it’s really as if something is blocking all your thoughts of writing.

A writer’s voice is sacred
It’s…it’s our treasure
And not being able to write
It’s…it’s like…like losing a organ
It hurts-not physically not really mentally either
More like…emotionally?
Yes emotionally because it feels as if you’ve lost your abillity to feel a emotion you could previously.
However it does not last forever.

A writer’s voice is their treasure
And we have measures
Because we protect what is ours
We can be put under pressure
Losing what is precious
But what you have understand is this-
The oppressed always rise to the occassion!

Today we might have writers block and feel mute
But tommorow…oh tommorow…we are writing an entire blog
From that writers block
And those words are like music from a professionally played flute.

A writers voice
Is our vice
It’s Our treasure
And we will never let it be stolen from us!

(Afrikaans Gedig+ English Translation ) Ek is…vry

Ek is…vry(I am… free)

Eendag het ek gestap(One day I walked(
En ek besef ek dra swaar(And I realised I was carrying heavy)
Tog was daar niks op my rug,(Yet there was nothing on my back)
Maar ek was skielik bewus dat iets my onder toe trek(But I was suddenly aware that something was pulling me down)

Wat my onder toe getrek het-(What was pulling me down-)
Was die gewig van ander se verwagtinge(Was the weight of other’s expectations)
Die gewig van mislukkings(The weight of failures)
En al die slegte dinge.(And all the bad things)

Ek haal diep asem(I breathe in deeply)
Kyk op na bo(Look to the heavens)
En ek fluister:(And I whisper:)
“U vat asseblief al hierdie onnodige gewig wat my aftrek en onder bring dat ek as ‘n oorwinnaar kan wegstap.”(God please take all this unnecessary weight that’s dragging me down and knocking me down so that I can step away as a victor)

Die gewig val weg.(The weight falls away)
Ek wag(I wait)
En ek besef ek is vry(And I realise that I am free)
En alles is nou in my reik.(Now everything is within my reach)

Ek is …vry(I am…free(
Wanneer ek nie verwagtinge skep(When I don’t create expectations)
Wanneer ek nie aan ander se verwagtige probeer voldoen nie(When I don’t try to fulfill other’s expectations)
Ek is vry wanneer ek diep asem in haal en besef enige iets is moontlik as ek net probeer.(I am free when I breathe in deeply and realise anything is possible if I just try)
Ek is vry…(I am free…)
Wanneer ek laat gaan.(When I let go)

Ek is…vry(I am…free)
En dis ‘n eer(And it’s an honor)
Dit is heerlik(It’s wonderful)
Dit is…vryheid.(This is freedom)


Thoughts on Writing

❤ The Beauty in Being A Writer ❤

Sometimes when the sun is just setting and I look at the magnificent picture it creates I wish I could paint.

Sometimes when I hear this wonderful song I wish I could sing.

Sometimes when I see a wonderful film I wish I could act.

There’s so many wonderful things out there and I wish I could experience it all.

If I had the talent I wouldn’t waste it
Because I would be so awed and amazed that God chose me for this gift for a talent is most definitely a gift.
If I had the talent I wouldn’t let it stagnate and go to waste-I would polish that talent and turn it into a something amazing and precious.

If I had the talent I would be so grateful that I get to experience it because there is so many people out there that would wish for my talent.

The truth is a lot of people wish for a talent in something they are passionate in and it breaks their heart when somebody that has that specific talent doesn’t care for it.

But enough of that.

This is about the beauty of being a writer:
As a writer you get to experience so much.
A writer gets to build worlds and yet also get to destroy worlds.
A writer gets to be anything they wish to be by simply writing down the words.

As a writer you have an amazing gift-don’t waste it.
For you get to experience so much more than most people.

I am grateful to be a writer
My mind is always full of words and thoughts
And my blank pages are always waiting to be written upon
My ink dripping onto a page is a story being born
There is something quite special about being a writer.

By: M.S.W

Random Old Thoughts

❤ Never dress yourself in borrowed robes ❤

If there is one thing I learnt from Macbeth -it’s that dressing yourself in borrowed robes will lead to your downfall.

You may think it’s better to pretend to be somebody else but it’s not. You are just setting yourself up for disappointment.
Pretending to be somebody else means that people end up loving & looking up to an ideal instead of you.

I prefer to know somebody without masks
Without them being dressed up
Show me your imperfections
Show me the real you.

Nobody trusts something that is perfect
You know like the week is going great & someone will be like,”Yeah but when is the other shoe gonna drop?”.
It’s human nature to be curious.

I only want to see everybody succeed
And that’s not going to happen if you’re pretending

The truth is you can pretend as much as you like
But you will always ask yourself at the end of the day,
“Is it Really worth it?”-
And the answer is no it is not. Don’t give up your sense of self & uniqueness just because you think you don’t fit their standards.
Stop letting society tell you what to be.

Those voices get louder
And you get quieter
No don’t! You should be screaming back at them.
You should scream so loud that you silence those voices.
Rise Up & Keep your head high.

Stare the world straight in the eyes and say,
“This is who I am. I am happy with it. I am not changing just because you don’t like me. It’s time I set my own standards for me. Society does not get to tell me who I should be! I am me & that ain’t changing. If that bothers you,you’re welcome to leave because I don’t need somebody who’s only going to break me down. I will always rise up for that is my strength”.

This is how you should live.
Set your own standards.
Write your own story
And determine your own fate.

If you were meant to be anybody but yourself-you would’ve been.
In a world that is growing cold & hateful-remember that it is our capacity to feel emotion that sets us apart & makes us human.

The truth is nothing is easy
But that’s what makes it worth it.
We are Human
And that’s what makes it so magnificent
To be Unique <3.

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