Scheduled Posts: What to expect 🌻.

😁Hey! So here’s what you can expect from the scheduled posts:

  • When? I am going to try posting as regularly as possible but as life gets busy I will post once a week at least👣❤.
  • What?
    • Updates
    • Book Reviews and Recommendations
    • Doodles
    • New Photos
    • Poems
    • Stories
    • Random Thoughts

😁I am also trying to add graphics to all my new blog posts. I make these graphics myself on Canva and PicsArt 🔥. Go give those apps a look if you want to create some of your own graphics.

🌲I hope you all are keeping safe and enjoying the festive season. Hi to the new followers 👋😁! Enjoy your time around on my blog.

Love Poem Girl Sam👣🌻

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