😁Hey everyone! Hope you are all doing well ❤. This week’s been hectic. Work started up again and I am busy everywhere. I work as an Educational Assistant and will start a reading programme as well this month. My contract is until March when the first term ends but they might extend some of our contracts♡.

If you have been around on my blog for a long time now,you’ll know I want to study to teach. I get accepted into universities easily but struggle with the finances. 😊However I was able to apply for a good bursary that I couldn’t previously,this year. Hopefully by the end of the month I will get good news of acceptance for the bursary. 😁Still got a backup plan though if I don’t. I can save up enough money this year with the job I have now to pay on my own next year.

😇I am also excited about something else. I stepped out of my comfort zone and auditioned for a favourite Afrikaans music game show of mine. 👀Between us,it’s actually the only thing I really watch on TV. I will know by the end of the month if I made it. 😊If I am accepted to play the game show,I will tell you more about that.

🌻Two things to smile about this week🌻

  • Sometimes you help others more than you realise by doing small things.
  • It’s really appreciated if you’re nice. A simple greeting goes a long way.

School started up again this week,right? So Tuesday I was helping at our school clothes shop and I talked a bit with everyone in line as we helped them. New parents at the school liked asking about the school and I loved talking with the Grade 8’s to ease them into the new school. They calmed down a lot by simply hearing a few things of how the school works.

I was also asking the matrics if they’re excited for the year or nervous and just talked to them a bit about the year. There was a matric though that told me she liked me very much and I asked her why. The answer really made my day. She said last year with their last exams of the year, in November,she was writing bussiness studies the one day and I helped calm her down. So in the class I was helping with invigilation for the day,while they were still studying the morning I saw she was stressed. I talked to her quietly because I saw she learned hard and knew her work and I told her to take a deep breath and relax. She said that it actually did calm her down and it’s thanks to that,that she got a distinction for businesses studies. She asked if she could hug me as well. 😊So sometimes by doing something as small as calming someone down you actually help them more than you realise.

You know what I have noticed working at a school? Everyone appreciates a greeting even if they seem like they don’t. The entire day everyone is busy and all over the place and hearing a friendly greeting from somebody passing them actually makes their day just a little bit better. Why? Because people appreciate friendliness especially when they’re stressed and tired.

🌟So let’s all try to be a bit nicer from now on. Every week think of one small thing you did that could’ve made a big impact and write that down on a piece of paper along with something good that happened in the week. Put the papers in a jar and at the year look at how much of a difference you have made through small acts by looking at those papers then.🌟

🌻😁Smiles go miles😁🌻.


😊As you can see I am keeping busy. How are you all? What’s been happening in your life that’s good? What are you doing to make others smile? Thank you for following my blog and listening to my ramblings❤😇. I really appreciate you all.

I will have a Afrikaans book review of Sweepslag deur Annerle Barnard up tommorow that I have been meaning to post for a while now. Something to look forward to if you are interested in that😊.

👣❤Love Poem Girl Sam aka M.S.Wepener❤👣

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