Herfs kom te vroeg(Afrikaans)

Herfs kom te vroeg
Ek weet jy is moeg

Blare verander kleur
Die wêreld verander geur
Soos die blare begin val
Raak die lewe gal

Jou woorde raak min
Lewe maak al hoe minder sin
Ek wéét jy raak bang,
Maar die voëltjies sal aanhou met hulle sang.
Kan ons nog langer stap deur die gang?
Soos die kalm stilte nog hang

Alhoewel ek weet jy moet,
Moenie te vroeg groet
Ek weet jy is moeg
Jy het meer as genoeg gewroeg
Herfs kom te v r o e g

Blare verander kleur
Ek weet dit gaan gebeur
Alhoewel as jy moet gaan
Volg die sterrebaan
Na die maan

En wanneer jy arriveer by die engelewag
Onthou om te g l i m l a g
Want lewe ís nou s a g

🌹🌊Half full or Half Empty?🌊🌹

Is it half full or half empty?

❤️🌺Is the glass half full or half empty?❤️🌺

I had spent some time debating what my answer would be if somebody ever asked me and I had finally come to my answer.

Neither. My glass is not half full nor is it half empty. Because I had taken my water and watered myself. I had watered my garden filled with flowers of love(me) so I would prosper and grow. And in watering myself and prospering because of that I had finally reached the point where I could share my garden filled with love without fearing that I would run out of love to give.

The glass is not half full nor half empty. The glass is what you decide to do with it. Instead of looking at the glass and debating it,start looking inside of the glass. What do you see now? Just water? Now decide what you are going to do with it. Decide whether you are going to waste it or use it wisely and grow🌱.

😁Some good news for me😁

So firstly I graduated High School last year and got multiple University acceptance letters. However by the time University registration closed I still haven’t been able to pay registration fees. This frustrated me because I did well but didn’t finish bursary applications on time so no bursary.

This leaded to my decision to try again(very early) and not give up. Thus trying other things such out in the meantime.

I got the oppurtunity to tutor a kid in our neighbourhood as of March this year and while it doesn’t pay much,I am grateful for the experience. This keeps me quite busy as I help him with all his homework and learning on Weekday afternoons and sometimes even weekends.

However that alone wouldn’t keep me away. What did keep me busy was helping a girl I know with learning for Math University exams,helping the kid in my neighbourhood and helping my dad clean a neigbour’s garden for some money. However most importantly was something that finally worked out for me.

I will get back to that but first a little more background. I did my University Applications early this year and started looking for bursaries that I could apply for. Sooner than I thought I started getting acceptance letters to the Universities and I was beyond grateful.

The problem layed in bursary applications. I found quite a lot of bursaries open in my field of choice(education) but soon many were being removed from my list as I didn’t comply with the requirements such as living in the area of the bursary,being a family member of an employee of the place with the bursary,wasn’t a certain race,etc. This means suprisingly a list of about 50 options dropped to two.

Those two soon became less however as one wanted total house income to be less than a certain amount even before deductions and with overtime coming back for my dad it meant he was above that amount. Maybe with that amount my dad received he would have been able to help me on his own if living wasn’t expensive and made even more so with debt being a reality.

So I am left with only one bursary option. The bursary looked promising as I started doing the application. That is till it got to the part where I needed to select two priority area subjects,which when reading the list of these subjects didn’t seem like a problem. Except suprise,even though languages are seperate on the list they give for comparison two seperate languages didn’t count seperately when selecting your options. Thus I am down to no bursary option because I can’t change the subjects I chose on my degree application.

By then I am frustrated and deciding I might as well give other things a try.

Eventually something works out. I see an ad on Facebook about IT scholarships from Google and I decide to check it out because while not my first career choice,it is an interest of mine. Thus I open the ad and read that first I need an app called Coursera and I decide to go get it. Might as well check it out,you know?

Now I have Coursera and it is pretty neat. I look for the specific Course that Google is sponsoring and fill in the application for Financial Aid. By now I don’t expect much anymore so when I opened my Gmail this past Monday you can imagine how suprised I was to see I got the finacial aid.

I am so excited and just grateful that something finally gave that a few minutes after reading the gmail I immediately started studying❤😪. I mean just wow. 💞Fingers crossed everything works out. I know it may seem stupid but I hope to work through IT till I can one day actually study my main interest. But who knows maybe I end up liking IT more than education.

It is my hope to be posting more now that I feel I have gotten my times sorted out. Thank you all for your support💞. I hope to grow this blog as much as possible and thus I am grateful for little thing that helps me or supports me.

Found on Google.

Give yourself time and eventually everything will work out as it’s supposed to❤❤❤.

❤It’s been a long week❤

I apologise for being quiet this week as it was a busy week. I am now finally resting a bit before a busy weekend.

Thus here are some new photos😊

😁As you can see,nature is booming here this spring. What about you guys,have you noticed differences about nature around you this year?

As always M.S.W❤

💙Get to know me💙

For all that I am reasonably good at writing,I suck at talking about myself. I started this blog because I think it would be fun to blog and share my poems and photos.

But I decided I also want you all to get to know me beter so I decided to have an Ask Me post. You can ask me anything reasonable in the comments to get to know me😁.

Canva Ask Me Edit


🌹Spring Photos🌹

Purple Rain Flowers-M.SW
Beautiful Spring View-M.S.W

😁Would you like to see more? Be sure to let me know

✒The Beauty in being a writer

❤ The Beauty in Being A Writer ❤

Sometimes when the sun is just setting and I look at the magnificent picture it creates I wish I could paint.
Sometimes when I hear this wonderful song I wish I could sing.
Sometimes when I see a wonderful film I wish I could act.
There’s so many wonderful things out there and I wish I could experience it all.

If I had the talent I wouldn’t waste it
Because I would be so awed and amazed that God chose me for this gift for a talent is definitely a gift.
If I had the talent I wouldn’t let it stagnate and go to waste-I would polish that talent and turn it into something amazing and precious.

If I had the talent I would be so grateful that I get to experience it because there is so many people out there that would wish for my talent.

The truth is a lot of people wish for a talent in something they are passionate in and it breaks their heart when somebody that has that talent doesn’t care for it.

But enough of that,this is about the beauty of being a writer:
As a writer you get to experience so much.
A writer gets to build worlds and yet also to tear down.
A writer gets to be anything they wish to be by simply writing down the words.

As a writer you have an amazing gift-don’t waste it.
For you get to experience so much more than most people.

I am grateful to be a writer
My mind is always full of words and thoughts
And my blank pages are always waiting to be written upon
My ink dripping onto a page is a story being born
There is something quite special about being a writer.


📷❤More photos❤📷

I would love to hear your thoughts😁. What would you caption these photos?

💙I would love some input. Do you think I would be good at photography when I get a Digital camera instead of my phone camera? Would you like to see some more photos?

Moon 🌌-M.S.W
Autumn through the trees-M.S.W
Autumn 2-M.S.W
Red Rose Beauty-M.S.W
Sun on a cloudy day-M.S.W

📷Photography hobby

😁So I started taking pictures last year of things I loved and I realised photography is a hobby of mine. I hope to one day buy my own camera and upgrade from mobile photography. Till then I will share some photos I take or took in the past💜.

Purple Rain blooming in Spring
Tiny purple flowers in our backyard
Sunset clouds

Would you like to see some more of my photos😊? Feel free to ask in the comments then.

💜Never dress yourself in borrowed robes💜

If there is one thing I learnt from Macbeth -it’s that dressing yourself in borrowed robes will lead to your downfall.

You may think it’s better to pretend to be somebody else but it’s not-you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment.
Pretending to be somebody else means that people end up loving & looking up to an ideal instead of you.

I prefer to know somebody without masks
Without them being dressed up
Show me your imperfections
Show me the real you.

Nobody trusts something that is perfect
You know like the week is going great & someone will be like,”Yeah but when is the other shoe gonna drop?”.
It’s human nature to be curious.

I only want to see everybody succeed
And that’s not going to happen if you’re pretending

The truth is you can pretend as much as you like
But you will always ask yourself at the end of the day,
“Is it Really worth it?”-
And the answer is no it is not. Don’t give up your sense of self & uniqueness just because you think you don’t fit their standards.
Stop letting society tell you what to be.

Those voices get louder
And you get quieter
No don’t-you should be screaming back at them.
You should scream so loud that you silence those voices.
Rise Up & Keep your head high.

Stare the world straight in the eyes and say,
“This is who I am. I am happy with it. I am not changing just because you don’t like me. It’s time I set my own standards for me. Society does not get to tell me who I should be! I am me & that ain’t changing. If that bothers you-you’re welcome to leave because I don’t need somebody who’s only going to break me down. I will always rise up for that is my strength”.

This is how you should live.
Set your own standards.
Write your own story
And determine your own fate.

If you were meant to be anybody but yourself-you would’ve been.
In a world that is growing cold & hateful-remember that it is our capacity to feel emotion that sets us apart & makes us human.

The truth is nothing is easy
But that’s what makes it worth it.
We are Human
And that’s what makes it so magnificent
To be Unique <3.